Hi, I’m Owen. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

In my time I’ve done a bit of ultrarunning and a bit of podcast producing. 

For a while I’ve had this feeling that the final finisher in an ultra marathon probably had better stories to tell than the first.  And those stories weren’t anywhere to be found.

I love good bit of well-recorded, tightly edited audio storytelling.

For a few years I ran the Architecture Masters (Apple Podcasts, Spotify) podcast for the London Festival of Architecture.  And then I helped a friend get The Mother of All Solutions podcast off the ground (Apple Podcasts, Spotify)  

And I’ve done my share of ultra marathons.  For a while I flirted with the Ironman. We all have our cross to bear.

Some of my races:

2009: CCC

2010: UTMB

2011: UTMB

2012: UTMB

2013:  Leadville 100, Centurion South Downs Way 50

2014: UTMB

2015:  Ultra Trail Mt Fuji, Centurion Thames Path 100, Centurion North Downs 100

2016:  UTMB

2017: Lakeland 100

2018: Hardrock 100,  Centurion Thames Path 100

2019: Grindstone 100

2020: Centurion Thames Path 100

2021: Centurion North Downs Way 100

2022: Mogollon Monster 100, Centurion South Downs Way 100

2023: Western States 100, Centurion Thames Path 100

I’m not fast. But as yet, I’ve never dropped out of a 100 miler. 

There’s more on me here www.wainhouse.org

You can get in contact by email  goldenhour (at) wainhouse (dot) org